Zombs.io Hacked

Oh my god I don't feel like we can survive this guy's look it out maybe they are we're only on wage six they've. Broken through the gates all right everybody baron here we are playing some that I Oh check this out so it looks really similar to moo moo that I, don't have a basement ssam bees actually attack your base not you I can actually get, in the way of that you can create Clan here this is I think, this is relatively new io games so you can kind of see that maybe some things need to be worked on. But this is actually damaged I want to put that right here let me go till like okay but I found a really cool spot so this was nighttime if you look in the, lower left if you've all the mouse cursor if it is a visible sometimes remain on you up usual. And common spans but you can see that there's a night in day cycle blue bar and like the little whites. Timers where we're at bluest night yellow is day oh I found a spot that was like May let's see, if I came from our where is we got a little bit of lag right here which can't happen here we. Go this is the magical one look at it first off you. Mind a lot faster than mu mu but if you see the grid pattern the characters, it looks very very similar to dial but if I stay here I can mine two at the same time so I'm thinking this. Is where I'm going to want to build a face so since this day time I'm gonna build a gold thing a gold women Illyrio upgrade, gold 5000 gold good lord we need a lot okay so oh my gosh these towers are so, cheap now wonder people had so many of them okay first I'm going to get canons and hello there there but we kind of built. Really close to this tree so we'll see how that affects all right now I. Think we've got to be a little bit away from it so tonight is fast approaching they say right let's see now you look, in the look of the upper right-hand part of the screen and you can see that both here, we go we got we got some zombies. This is wave one for me so I don't think I'm gonna have too much trouble, I feel like my bases oh you know what I bet we can upgrade these things upgrade 25 25 25 stone and 25 gold you know what I didn't do, sell three wood three stone we need to kind of get these these are gold mines and can I put them all see. I kinda messed up so I'm gonna sell the cheaper Archer tower. Scores and Cobo cheaper and we're gonna get a few more of these gold mines up we can – yeah oh yeah that's Linda bono alright now we're going to put.

These I get how. Close do I have to be in order to build it and I'm pretty sure I have the resources for this how much is that oh you can only have. Six out of six okay well we'll go with arrow towers and then I. Could always just double – whenever I need to what's up Te'o you better not meet roll my base, mate woo I don't think you can really attack each other now why can i yeah the gold the gold uh but wait a minute I've got an insane. Amount of gold II wait that's really weird a bomb tower I didn't even know that was possible so what is the bomb. Tower large area of effect damage very slow firing so that should actually be on the inside um I didn't, really put B you know it could be better my layout could definitely be better and I'm trying to figure out why I can't upgrade. Yet so we're gonna have a bomb tower we're going to put some actually no that's not that good I'm, gonna.

Keep this for now we're on wave 1 someone's at wave 44 his name is Remy he's doing pretty good oh my gosh a wave actually spawned for someone else in front of me oh my and they don't, really attack me they can't be. Bothered to attack me um but Mr panenka I just kind of made this name, because the type of penalty kicks taking form and I saw a highlight the other day it was just the first word, that came to my mind that this is a the luxuries of having the ADHD right okay but, um I've got to figure out why I can't upgrade 25 wood 25 stone 100 gold it this shot things occur close we need to close, the tower first off there we go let's see what's in the shop we can get a pickaxe we can get a spear we can, get a bow and arrow health potion I don't think I need that honestly oh look at that we have a hot bar we can buy technically all. These harvest pickaxe see if we can't upgrade this guy's no I choose that oh I wonder do. You even need to pull it back I guess you can cock it right what's this a door ooh we. Could have a door that would be nice we'll sell this I'll. Make this a door that means we can get through beginning tonight okay perfect well we got to figure out, how to situate this day now I'm thinking that my guns, can fire over it I'm gonna just start here Knight is fast approaching let's switch to our pickaxe and just make a solid wall around it and then we'll just fill it in after the fact, now it's almost nighttime so I'm not sure how much we're going to get done. Yes sequence how many of these can I do to one. Oh wood dirt hey do get out of my way man so those are the zombies oh my god think I have clubs now I think we're going. To be fine so I'm just going to mine during this night but this is this is what I want I should have centered my basin, around these trees instead of using them today zombies can sneak through actually what I can. Do is barricade I think that'd be the best thing, a conceited zombies are actually at Wave 3 they're doing fairly well lift is now topped someone was in the 40s and then they, were defeated I really want to figure out an upgrade but I can't it's sad it's really sad but now that we have the. Wood oh we can't put them there I hope I, can put them there we go that should be good to like keep them out here right mr. panenka the zombie apocalypse survivor and if I need, to I can only sell them and buy doors lecture let's just put the doors here because I want, to I want more bility I like to be able to sneak out, I will put another like overlap let's see can we get in here oh yes you can oh we can put them in nice all right oh you know what I, don't think I can I don't think I can double up anymore I, have to go outside to do that there is a little bit of a framerate issue right now okay well what we need is more weaponry we've got just a little bit of time till, night put some arrow towers in the corners and you know we go there that would, block that off with maybe one down here somewhere we get through there they cannot so our walls are, under siege the zombies are here oh my god that's a lot down there Tom thought I you know c-can I shoot them on my arrows. How are we doing we're number 15 in the world right now global rank oh yeah my, arrows did not go through that tree ten wood while we need we need, a we need to get back to harvesting we're down to seven wood food but I said to the. Most part you know we're doing we're doing alright if there's arms that I owe depends Amitabha definitely what we're trying to do what are other items. We can get in shock because as soon as I can upgrade well as soon as I can figure out how to upgrade. We're going to be. A much better position and it looks like things kind of repair themselves mining is kind of slow let's see what's. In the shop we don't want to party oh that's our party right pickaxe might as well get the new code 3000 gold we can harvest real fast now that's two at. A time I'll look how vibrant so the day/night cycle definitely you, can see a nice visual change which is good it's not just like light and dark there's the slow gradual change from, darkness to light in light dark and now use fast approaching.

So you'll see it slowly start to dim see the interface mister panenka defender against the zombie apocalypse now happy we can buy another Archer, tower so I'm gonna put him here down south yet we have the gold we have. The stone we have the wood for some reason we cannot upgrade maybe that's just uh something that's not in place the bombs don't have any explosion or anything this is an eye of game, and generally they try to keep them relatively, simple we should put more bombs out here to get out of the way so we can. Place it can I upgrade be yes I can I can't upgrade anything hello hang on upgrade look at those bomb those are pretty slow but we can't afford a few more gold mines so let's say.. I can put one here I can pull in there no I can't because the dang thing alright well I don't think we. Need these so fulfill those we're going to make things real tight alright we're going to get rid of all these things and it's not efficient but you know what deal with it mate we're just gonna. Do what we've got to do, this is our first time playing with laning alright um so tell it well Kanon efficient efficient more efficient in terms of placement definitely not purchasing you could call this extremely, inefficient in terms of that gold mine gold mine where can you go let's put you here, here how many gold mines I'm, eight out of eight and so we're number eight on the board looks the mage towers Oh mage towers where do we get mage towers maybe we should build like another yemeni distillate so i, can get by for the main stars to means towers more mage towers we should probably put. Them up here sell that oh my god they're bigger oh my god oh my god oh my god, oh my god oh my god oh my god I don't feel like we can survive this guys look at how many there are we're only always six they've. Broken through the gate will they attack me we got, to defend the walls oh my god they're just wrecking in here we need. More wall sections that's what we need alright well we survived but barely we lost a fair amount of Tang so we're going to get a lot of wood and then what we're. Going to do is start building like kind. Of have a double wall here dude this is this is pretty intense and then with the double wall I can put towers in it. If I need to we should have made it triple so I can run by but hey you know what don't, we sell them and put doors when I wear I, need you I guess yeah so walls are definitely necessary if I had a clan I should have tweeted this out to say hey barons brigade let's do this like I did with muumuu last time which was. A, lot of fun no no I kind of shortened it to just pick that real quick not a problem oh I wonder if you could like lure them in. Let's see we've got a little bit of time to get by that rock I'm, out of wood oh my god I'm out of wood oh my god we need a lot of wood before it's nighttime oh. My god I ran outside okay we're gonna sing quote so that boy might sell it and then we'll put a door here oh I don't even have the. Wood for the, door we're kind of bold right now if I could find two trees that overlap that would be a really ideal all right let's put oh my god freaking massive we'll just put span those. Oh those are bomb towers aren't they I don't know how good they're doing but we got to, keep mining I don't know how to upgrade we upgrade, you still can't upgrade we have the gold look at that we have 13,000 group I think once they kill my gold mine it's it's game over for me so we're gonna find, the weakest spot and get in the way come on oh my god they wrecked that outer wall no problem, you definitely need a clan maybe we should go find a. Clan huh or maybe it should let me upgrade my store subdued all right digit disrepair so people we can do should all right so it's daytime yet. Not yet let's get a head on, the building we lost a gold mine put it I'm here these mages towers were pretty good bomb towers almost out we still like we can put two more arrow towers going here pull. In there and we're going to defend them as distraction airy pieces we. Should put walls in front of everything and then just use doors here sell that put a door and always just wander by that and when we, need to yeah that's a pretty, good it's definitely more expensive night is fast approaching Oh Lord we are in trouble oh my god am i. I'm out of wood again I'm out of wood again alright we just need to we need to pull these out right let's look at the block this off as fast as. We can I got him out of the group that was pretty close okay how are we doing up here oh. My god they're breaking through up here I don't have the wood to buy.

Things let's do this freaking fortress is under siege oh we're out with it was a bomb we survived another. Day all right these these wood pieces are the key to victory let's just go mining, and I like how everything is repaired by day time that is very very nice definitely want to clan for this I think oh we have a new. Leader – zombie OS hey join me don't don't wreck my. Stuff you you jerk how do i party create 3373 I guess you got something like, URL annoyed I don't know how to get a ZX to join me you need to upgrade your gold stash from lock I. See really talk about noob alright there we go it was sitting there the whole frickin time we're gonna upload our offload I mean youtuber mode boys we are upgrading all the cannons that should, definitely help okay we've got just a little bit of time I actually really like mage towers too oh. My god that actually used so, much wood all right we have a little bit of time and I need to go defend this. This was the weak area hurry up before the zombies get here we'll protect this one neat locked that farm tower right here needs to be blocked we're going to. Sell that put a door and let's just go ahead and mine again stone and wood definitely need more would it be cool if you could get like. AI bots or something maybe are so that's the way to do it that, was that was sitting up there that's just the ADHD and just lack, of attention to detail right or else we would have seen hey you need to. Upgrade your gold mine out for your stead just are we not being attacked maybe this is an awful wave no one's attacking and which is very good news for us so what we're going to. Do is just do some, mad upgrading again I guess I could definitely I want to upgrade like I need a wood mines when I meet you you can only build these and in the shop it's only weapon definitely great then, what is that advertisement geez get that advertisement, out of here oh now we're getting three stone in three wood and it looks like we're swinging even, faster I don't know if we're swinging faster was just me thinking we are but this is, the way to do it I think I could go to wave twenty but first we got a we got to build a fortress, right I don't want to upgrade the ones out there we're going to double up the wall sections where we can put. A door go back to walls defend our fortress and I don't think oh you can only place buildings within, your current position I don't know what this guy's trying to do he's block him my building I think he thought he would be attacked but look. At this oh we can't upgrade, that I like really like these mage towers they kind of do this shotgun effect and I feel pretty good about it I can swing and attack them I could oh. Yeah this is the weak area right here oh man they're trying. To get through but look the mages are actually keeping them at bay that's awesome what can I build one there panenka. Do your bidding whoo this almost got broken through how are we doing up here still pretty good they get through the doors and they get. Harder each time right so I think I think we're doing fine oh my God look at this.

There are giants out there oh my god they these things look fricking dangerous oh my they got like bloody meat cleavers.

Oh good lord they're like on our doorsteps they're attacking these upgraded cannon they're smashing my upgraded cannons get out of here no no no protect, protect oh we can't save them they're going they're moving in we're.

At a wave 11 right here guys oh my god oh god I don't know I don't. Know well I we definitely learned to upgrade sooner so we could definitely play this again and get, better if they managed to destroy the goldmine oh it's daytime and they they also evaporated so we've got no wood which. Is the issue we've got to rebuild almost our entire base we lost a lot of upgraded structures there's actually one zombie left so you can see it looks like things stopped. Them when they. Hit them I don't know if we're going to be able to survive one more way but we are going to try so what do you guys think of zombie, oh are you are you enjoying it he liked it as much as moo moo die oh and deep down I out detail. Has got to be one of my favorites so the cannons were unfortunately damaged and, it looks like we'll have to try to repair them oh my.

God I feel like we're not in any position to why we lost bomb towers we lost mage towers we actually lost a cannon tower over here the ads of the basis by no means. Balanced all right we need the outer defenses how much we, got 183 would guess we're going to upgrade the wood right you can only place buildings within range so let's what oh I guess it's nighttime already that was.

So fast can we upgrade his bow you can look at that so that's how we. Do it it's almost like I want them to. Destroy it so I can start over but guys I think we could build a super fort, this is tricky stuff are they attacking me was he attacking me are you attacking me mate you come on at me these trolls of these meat. Cleavers they're going for you can see them going for the stash so I want to see what happens if they kill the stash but all of them just, start dying once they get into. All those weapons so there's definitely like their baited towards that goldmine I wonder if we could use that to our advantage there's definitely, a way to outsmart them I know that much so what happens if I can't even sign well that is too bad okay wow we got some frames, let's go adventure and see if that one's super port is still up, by those other guys man look at these frames that's really weird okay oh my gosh look at these guys so this is, a DK and player players number three they don't look like they're upgraded either they've got a lot of gold mines. Though and there's two of them so that definitely makes things you know better you can see on the. Mini-map our base and where it is so I guess if we put this. Where we will pop up all within range Eagles – that keeps meet I guess a building spam or trolling oh all, I can't get in there okay so this looks like a relative what's his name drew drew I don't see. You up here drew but you've got a lot of walls you did better than me in that regard I've got this golden pickaxe I guess. You could upgrade the bow as well let's see and we can we can buy bombs let's, see we can also manually defend our place wanted to see if there were any more forts so it is nighttime. Let's see what's happening to our base I would imagine. It is wrecked already in the zombies have defeated it we're actually on wave 13 I think now knowing what I know. Now I think we can get easily pest wave 20 look at this lady see she's like Baron you too bad, you did good final score of 111 thousand and six hundred that is zombie oh and I. Think ladies and gentleman I truly believe that we can win alright guys so let me know if there's any other IO games and you check out if you guys, want to see this again and you want me to do as good as possible or you want me to do real good let me know and, you know what two videos a day so I'll see you guys, in the next video .


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